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The writing section of the ECCE presents a topic in a short letter or article like one that might appear in a newspaper. Following the letter or article are two writing tasks. Examinees choose one task: write either a letter or an essay. The length of the letter or essay should be about one handwritten page long. A total time of 30 minutes is allotted to perform this section of the exam.

Following is a sample writing topic with accompanying tasks.



The City Times is sponsoring a Millennium Exchange Program. The City Times will send a group of people to the United States for a three-week cultural exchange program. We need our readers' help to find the right person for this exchange program. They can be of any age. Send your nominations to the editor.

Task A: Letter
Write a letter to the editor of the City Times. Name one person you think should go on the Millennium Exchange Program. Describe the person and tell why you think this person should go. You may nominate yourself or someone else you know. Start your letter, "Dear Editor".

Task B: Essay
Many people enjoy traveling in a foreign country, but others do not. What kind of person would not enjoy or benefit from a foreign travel? Describe such a person. Be specific.

The Writing section is scored by trained raters at the University of Michigan English Language Institute. A passing score on the writing section is a rating of C or higher on an A to E scale.

* Adapted from the ECCE Information Bulletin(FREE COPY), provided by the Testing and Certification Division of the English Language Institute - University of Michigan. For more, visit www.lsa.umich.edu/eli.

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