Thursday, December 17, 2009


ECCE - LST Part I*

The listening section is delivered via audio recording. In Part I of the listening section, examinees hear short conversations. After each conversation, a question is asked about what was heard. The answers in the test booklet are shown as pictures. Each conversation is heard only once; the conversations are not repeated. There are 30 listening questions in Part I.

Following are some sample Part I listening questions. On the actual test, the questions are not printed in the test booklet. Examinees see only the answers choices. Also, on the actual test, the answers are shown as pictures, not text.

Question 1. What can she pick up for him?
a) Cake and flowers.
b) Cake and balloons.
c) Flowers and balloons.

Question 2. What does he want to buy?
a) A mixer.
b) A mixing bowl.
c) A loaf of bread.

Questions 3. What does she say looks good?
a) His hat.
b) His glasses.
c) His glasses and jacket.

Question 4. What does he want?
a) Some paper towels.
b) An orange.
c) A sink.

Question 5. What time will she pick him up?
a) 1 o'clock.
b) 2 o'clock.
c) 3 o'clock.

* Adapted from the ECCE Information Bulletin(FREE COPY), provided by the Testing and Certification Division of the English Language Institute - University of Michigan. For more, visit

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  1. ECCE - LST Part I - Answer Key

    Question 1 - c
    Question 2 - b
    Question 3 - a
    Question 4 - a
    Question 5 - a