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In Part II of the listening section, examinees hear someone from a radio station interviewing several people at an event. Examinees choose the best answer to the question from the three answer choices. In Part II, examinees are encouraged to take notes in the test booklet as they listen to the interviews. The test booklet provides space for examinees to take notes. There are 20 listening questions in Part II.

Following are some sample Part II questions. On the actual test, the questions are not printed in the test booklet. The video segments shown here are merely illustrative. Examinees see only the answers choices.

Questions 1 - 3

Question 1.
Where is the interview taking place?
a) At the City Music Center.
b) In a radio studio.
c) In an area damaged by an earthquake.

Question 2. Who is the reporter interviewing?
a) A musician performing at the concert.
b) An organizer of the concert.
c) Someone attending the concert.

Question 3. Who does the WorldAid project benefit?
a) People around the world.
b) Musicians around the world.
c) People in New York.

Questions 4 - 7

Question 4. What can people find on the WorldAid Web site?
a) Clips from the concert.
b) Footage of the entire concert.
c) Dates of future concerts.

Question 5. How can people learn about becoming a volunteer?
a) By making a donation.
b) By attending the concert.
c) By visiting the Web site.

Question 6. How do corporations help WorldAid?
a) By making donations based on visits to the Web site.
b) By sponsoring the concert.
c) By advertising at the concert.

Question 7. Why are all three concerts being held on the same night?
a) To continue an annual tradition.
b) To increase media coverage.
c) To celebrate the start of the Web site.

* Adapted from the ECCE Information Bulletin(FREE COPY), provided by the Testing and Certification Division of the English Language Institute - University of Michigan. For more, visit

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  1. ECCE - LST Part II - Answer Key

    Question 1 - a
    Question 2 - b
    Question 3 - a
    Question 4 - a
    Question 5 - c
    Question 6 - a
    Question 7 - b